Our external APIs allow you to own and operate a Virtual Power Plant consisting of multiple asset brands with secure pathways for communication and control.

Cloud-to-cloud API integration

Establishing and maintaining control of assets from a variety of third-party vendors is time consuming, costly and requires engineering expertise. Evergen is already integrated with a multitude of hardware providers, including battery and solar inverter manufacturers, where we have established cloud-to-cloud secure integrations to monitor, control and communicate with their devices, all without having to install additional hardware on the customer’s site. This increases the value of the asset within a Virtual Power Plant when trading energy, improves the ROI on assets and stabilises the grid.

As well as our own fleet management platform, we also provide external APIs so that you can seamlessly integrate with us to perform monitoring and control with your existing infrastructure, databases and dashboards.

Time saving

We do the engineering and integration heavy lifting to free up DNSPs to control their fleet.

Cloud based

Operate a VPP that’s compatible with a multitude of third-party assets, without additional site hardware.

Multi asset

Simplified and standardised control of third-party assets.

Site forecast

Implement one external API to feed telemetry and energy intelligence into your systems or ours.