Property Developers

Energy innovation for a greener future

Energy as we know it is changing. Large scale solar and batteries are critical for our world’s future, and new developments have a key role in its success.

Our cloud-based platform enables real-time monitoring and control of energy usage and production, providing a single view of energy assets across multiple locations, allowing for better resource management and decision-making. We offer a range of smart algorithms, including behind-the-meter and front-of-meter optimisation, which can help developers to optimise energy usage, reduce carbon footprint, and enhance energy security.

How we help

Easily monitor and control performance of assets all in one place.

No need for additional expensive hardware, labor or change to your workflows.

We work directly with battery installers and OEMs, freeing up your time to do what you do best.

The tools

Monitor solar and battery systems from a single screen.

Partner Portal for ease of commissioning systems.

White label app and portal for customers.

How you will benefit

Increased Energy Efficiency
Optimising energy usage behind-the-meter to reduce costs and overall energy consumption.

Renewable Energy Integration
We help developers integrate renewable energy sources into their energy mix to increase sustainability.

Real-Time Monitoring
Access real-time monitoring and control of renewable assets, ensuring they are operating optimally and maximising energy production.

Improved Grid Stability
We can help stabilise the grid, reducing the likelihood of power outages and improving overall energy reliability.

Data Insights
Evergen provides valuable data insights to help developers make informed decisions about their energy usage and production.

Compliance Support
We can assist you in meeting local and national energy regulations, helping maintain compliance.