Gain access to assets

Integrate DERs into your business model. View, monitor and control the DER assets on your network regardless of the manufacturer, allowing you to increase the resilience of your network by utilising battery storage to provide grid stabilisation.

Energy Intelligence

Energy intelligence to make important operational and financial decisions around fleet optimisation.



Greater control and flexibility around the movement of energy.


Piece of mind that our engineers are optimising your fleet 24/7.

Cost saving

Provides the best chance for energy arbitrage that will produce optimal cost reductions and returns.

How we help

Connect fleets of batteries from different manufacturers using our single platform

Aggregate, monitor and control fleets of batteries through our cloud-based platform and trading algorithms

Keep track of every battery asset and benefit from readiness for orchestration without the need to access customers’ premises and install any additional hardware

Avoid the complex billing administration

The Platform

Mixed DER and IoT-enabled devices

Tariff and market-agnostic

Automatic or manual override of optimisation

Ancillary services, VPPs

Monitoring and asset alerts
Inferred and vendor-driven

Telemetry and site performance