Case Studies

GemLife Case Study

Find out how Evergen is helping GemLife configure their lifestyle resorts to maximise onsite energy generation and storage.

Ausgrid VPP Case Study

Ausgrid ran a Virtual Power Plant trial using Evergen’s Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software.

Powershop VPP Case Study

How Evergen’s technology and experience helped Powershop create a mixed fleet Virtual Power Plant.

Carseldine Village HEMS Pilot

Learn more about the collaboration between Evergen and Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) on the Carseldine Village HEMS pilot program.

Battery Optimisation and Trading Solutions

The client uses dispatchable battery capacity both behind and in front of the meter to manage market exposure and enable provision of compelling offers to their customers, backed by Evergen’s DERMS and Intelligent Control.

Visibility of DER

Evergen was engaged to run a two stage recruitment process in line with the client’s phases of the program; sitting at 351 participants exporting energy back to the grid and earning money from their battery involvement in the Virtual Power Plant.

Dynamic Operating Envelopes

Evergen has the capability to receive operating envelopes a day in advance from the DNSP, and optimise batteries to keep the site within the envelope at least cost to the customer.

Grid Stabilisation

Monitoring and control of residential batteries for Network Operators, including forecasting load, generation and battery activity.

Cola Solar- Residential Installer Case Study

How Cola Solar bundles Evergen’s Intelligent Control.

I Want Energy - Residential Installer Case Study

How I Want Energy maintain their edge in Tasmania.