Stay in control and earn more from your investment

Renewable energy generators are an important part of our future. With Evergen, large-scale asset owners and operators can achieve greater operational efficiency, increase profitability and drive long-term value for their stakeholders.

How we help

Advanced optimisation and forecasting tools.

Interactive charts with easy-to-navigate performance metrics, and streamlined reporting for asset management.

Maximise direct revenue across multiple markets, and minimise participation costs.

The tools

At-a-glance view of performance versus forecasts.

Configurable optimisation and control of portfolio across multiple markets.

Categorised alerts for short-term fixes and longer-term reports.

How you can benefit

Maximise revenue potential
AI algorithms consider environmental and commercial factors to ensure maximal revenue across asset lifetime.

Flexibility with PPAs
Optimisation enabling you to continue maximising your revenue whilst adhering to obligations with your off-taker.

Interactive charts
Monitor performance of your portfolio versus forecasts, with categorised alerts enabling easy identification of under-performing sites.

Flexible site integrations
Avoid unnecessary costs through use of commodity hardware or simple hardware-less integrations.

Streamline reporting
Detailed reporting and analysis of site and portfolio performance, allowing asset managers to reduce overheads and focus on data-driven site assessment.

Enhanced security
Evergen is ISO27001 accredited for optimal data security.