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Make more out of your asset

Optimising the performance of energy storage assets, accelerating payback and enabling portfolio management from a single platform. 

Leverage advanced machine learning to maximise site energy savings to deliver an optimised battery operation plan, unlocking access to additional markets.


Vendor-agnostic smart battery portfolio management.


Optimise against your demand charges and retail tariff or wholesale exposure with industry-leading load and PV forecasting.


Unlock additional revenue streams with multi-market optimisation including ancillary services bidding and access to Virtual Power Plants.

We’ll help you

Optimise against your retail tariff and demand charges with industry-leading load and PV forecasting.

Unlock additional revenue streams with ancillary services bid management and access to Virtual Power Plants.

Manage your smart battery portfolio with a vendor agnostic solution.

Forecast and analyse telemetry data to improve operational efficiency.

Features and benefits

Site load & PV generation forecasting

Best-in-class load and PV forecasts enable you to get ahead of peak demand events and maximise savings.

Hardware-agnostic API integration

Diversify your portfolio and accelerate deployment with our API-only hardware integration. Check out all of our live hardware integrations. Contact us to discuss our integrations pipeline.

Retail and network tariff optimisation

Machine learned tariff optimisation, combining retail tariff arbitrage with demand charge management to minimise bills.

FCAS bidding engine and VPP enablement

Enable your assets to tap into additional revenue streams by leveraging our automated FCAS bidding engine and access to customer VPPs.

Portfolio management portal

Single-pane view of the entire portfolio across multiple locations, geographies, asset types and manufacturers.

Energy market & 3rd party pricing forecast integration

Optimise against the spot price via our energy market integration or steer optimisation with your own market price forecast.

Automated reporting

Configure and automate reports for stakeholder updates and asset performance analysis.

Data Security & compliance

ISO 27001 certified, routinely audited with penetration testing.

Carbon offset tracking

Visualise and report on the environmental benefits of your assets.

Site mobile app & web portal

Award-winning Android, iOS and Web application for site operators to monitor battery performance in real-time.

Embedded networks

Deploy multiple commercial configurations for your battery and solar at the parent meter and across child meters, optimising for retail tariffs, demand charges, wholesale energy arbitrage, and VPP participation simultaneously.

API connectivity

Do you have your own control panel, dashboards or CRM? Evergen provides a range of API to feed your existing platforms with Evergen’s data.