Evergen is agnostic and integrates with a variety hardware manufacturers and software providers.




Hot Water

Billing Platforms & ADMS

EV Chargers



Accelerated market entry

Expedited launch of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) solutions with Evergen’s streamlined integration process, which significantly reduces development and testing timelines.


Cost-efficient integration

Cut down on expenses associated with scoping, development, testing and maintenance. This cost-saving advantage makes your projects more budget-friendly.

Hardware-free approach

With Evergen, you won’t need to install or maintain additional client-side hardware, eliminating the need for on-site visits. This simplifies the implementation and upkeep of DER.

Enhanced collaboration

The collective strength of the Evergen ecosystem can be harnessed to advocate for improved warranties, reduced API fees, and higher telemetry quality, all of which benefit your DER projects.

Evergen APIs

External API
External API serves as a versatile gateway, enabling external systems to interact seamlessly with our platform. This API facilitates data exchange and communication, allowing for the integration of third-party applications, enhancing the adaptability and interoperability of the overall energy management ecosystem for users.

Mobile API
Mobile API provides users with a responsive and dynamic interface for energy management. Tailored apps and portals, this API ensures easy connectivity, enabling users to access real-time data, control devices and optimise mixed DER with convenience. It enhances the user experience for efficient and personalised energy management.

OEM API seamlessly integrates original equipment manufacturers in the renewable energy sector. This API facilitates efficient communication and data exchange, allowing users to effortlessly connect, monitor, and manage a variety of energy devices. It ensures interoperability and streamlines the integration of OEMs within the renewable energy ecosystem.

Device Onboarding/Off-boarding API
Device Onboarding/Off-boarding API simplifies the integration of mixed DER assets. This interface facilitates seamless addition or removal of devices, enhancing flexibility for users. It streamlines processes, ensuring efficient management of batteries, solar PV inverters, and other assets within the renewable energy ecosystem with ease and precision.

Static System Data API
Static System Data API provides foundational information for comprehensive analytics in DER assets. This interface allows seamless access to static data, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions about the optimal operation and efficiency of their assets, including batteries, solar PV inverters, and EV chargers.

Device Forecasting API
Device forecasting employs advanced algorithms to predict energy demand and supply from renewable assets like batteries and solar PV inverters. This intelligent feature enhances energy management, enabling proactive load balancing and grid interaction. Users benefit from accurate predictions, ensuring a stable and resilient renewable energy ecosystem with optimal efficiency.

Device Telemetry API
Device telemetry enables real-time monitoring and data collection from renewable energy assets like batteries, solar PV inverters, and EV chargers. This technology provides crucial insights into device performance, allowing stakeholders to optimise operations, identify issues, and ensure the efficient functioning of their energy systems.