SaaS Platform

Smart energy management software

Comprehensive solution for managing mixed DER. Orchestrate, monitor, control, report on all distributed energy resources in one place.


AI algorithms designed to maximise asset value by making cost-effective predictions by taking into consideration a range of critical factors, including energy consumption, energy generation, weather, grid demand and electricity market prices.


Flexibility of automatic or manual optimisation override, ensuring full control over energy assets. Whether through automated processes or hands-on adjustments, tailor your optimisation strategies according to your specific needs.


Maximise the value of mixed DER through our market-agnostic platform. Be enabled to participate in various energy markets, including wholesale, while providing valuable grid support services such as ancillary services and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).


Comprehensive DER monitoring in a single location, utilising both inferred data and vendor-driven information. Our platform offers a consolidated view, enabling accurate insights for efficient management and optimisation of DER assets.


Our internally developed AI will alert operators of device malfunctions, such as assets going offline or other anomalies in asset performance. This improves customer engagement and asset ROI.


Telemetry report generation at both fleet and asset levels, providing reconciliatory data and support information. This empowers back-office teams with accurate insights for streamlined operations and enables efficient straight-through processing.

Behind-the-meter optimisation

Evergen’s machine learning optimisation delivers advanced individualised electricity cost-minimisation via batteries and controllable load. Electricity bills and sites are becoming more complex as markets and technology evolve, and Evergen’s configurable technology allows for quick adaptation to both. The optimisation accounts for individual sites’ weather conditions, load profiles, customer preferences, and broader VPP participation to generate a personalised plan for each individual site, which is assessed and refined every 5 minutes.

Front-of-meter optimisation

Evergen’s front-of-meter optimisation enables dispatchable assets to be monetised in increasingly volatile energy markets, ancillary/balancing services markets, network/grid support programmes, and other markets as they become available. Our solution will maximise the return on investment of DERs as well as utility-scale solar farms, standalone batteries, and hybrid sites.
Evergen’s platform can provide market integrations, autonomous co-optimised bidding and rebidding services, and compliance reporting.

Other Software

Customer App

For consumers to monitor their energy production.

Customer Portal

For consumers to deep dive into their energy stats.

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Ease of commissioning, sales and marketing support.

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