Act smarter and reach new markets

Take advantage of our software to minimise cost and maximise revenue, without the need for additional hardware.

Energy storage has a vital role to play in our world’s future. To keep making sales and avoid being left behind you need to act smarter.
That’s where we come in, we’ll help make your assets smarter and offer customised choices for your customers.

How we help

Unlock new market opportunities.

Gain access to our ecosystem of installers, energy retailers and partners.

Forecast and analyse telemetry data to improve operational efficiency .

The tools

Monitor DER systems from a single screen.

Partner Portal for ease of commissioning systems.

White label app and portal for consumers.

No extra hardware

We are cloud native and don’t require any extra hardware to be installed to make battery systems perform smarter.

We use API to seamlessly connect to this list of our battery and inverter partners, meaning that your customers can choose the system they want with the peace of mind that it’s going to increase their ROI.

How you can benefit

Increased performance
Optimising hardware through software, improves speed, efficiency, and overall performance of the hardware.

Improved user experience
Improved asset performance leads to better user experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Reduced costs
No additional hardware with external cloud-to-cloud APIs.

Enhanced security
Evergen is ISO27001 accredited for optimal data security.

Improved compatibility
Software enabled flexibility can expand the market for hardware.

Enhanced features
Cloud-based features enables the addition of new capabilities to hardware.