App & Portal Customisation

Seamless commissioning and onboarding solution for new battery and inverter assets into the Evergen fleet.

Customised technology

We can customise our technology to make your data intelligent. This means we present your customers’ telemetry in a customised Android or iOS app and web portal. You and your customers will be able to obtain and filter information on solar and battery system performance throughout the day. Our bespoke technology includes the functionality you need without in-house heavy lifting.​

Designing and building energy management technology in house is expensive and time consuming. Our award-winning expertise around this technology means your project is backed by world-class engineers and data scientists who understand energy intelligence. We can customise our technology to ensure you have the desired functionality, branding and intelligence you need for your customer.

Energy intelligence

Your telemetry is configured using up-to-the-minute energy intelligence.


Minimal disruption to your legacy systems through deep integration.

Asset control

Take control of fleets of batteries, not just singular assets.


Peace of mind knowing our engineers are monitoring the health of your fleet 24/7.