Evergen to boost renewable energy capabilities of three Chile projects

Optimising commercial and industrial-scale batteries to improve renewable capabilities in Latin America

Sydney, Australia – 9 March 2023
. Evergen, a leading software platform for digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, today announced it will be providing optimisation of 3.5MWh of renewable energy storage over the next 12 months to Ciudad Luz, a leading solar provider in Chile and Latin America. 

The projects will include residential and commercial behind-the-metre batteries with Evergen optimisation to deliver peak shaving and improved grid operation whilst increasing community solar consumption.

Evergen’s flexible platform will be tailored to suit the needs of each project for Chile’s climate. Variable inputs can be amended including real time energy prices, weather forecast, demand and frequency requirements to deliver optimal battery performance across a range of energy storage solutions. Each project will benefit from in-depth monitoring and analysis of their assets via the cloud and will have control over parameters that were previously not feasible.

Ben Hutt, CEO and Managing Director of Evergen, said, “As Chile makes strides towards harnessing more renewable energy, Evergen’s capabilities will enable project developers to benefit from cost savings and improve return on investment from assets. 

“Technology will play a critical role in providing flexibility, reliability and affordability to Chile’s energy system. Providing our advanced technology to Ciudad Luz projects in Chile will propel us on our mission to accelerate the energy transition around the world.”

Tomas Steinacker, Development Manager and Chairman of Ciudad Luz, said, “Connecting Evergen to an array of residential and commercial projects was an easy choice for us. Leaning on Evergen’s experience in Australia, we can use the advanced technology to create the most sustainable projects possible with maximum efficiency and convenience. 

“Evergen’s agnostic approach means we will be able to monitor and control our mixed energy storage assets in one location making them the best choice.”

The announcement follows the passing of Chile’s law to incentivise the deployment of energy storage and electric vehicle technology, which was passed in October last year. The landmark move will encourage more projects to use technology such as Evergen’s to harness renewable energy and allow systems to increase return on investment by selling it to the National Electric System market. This will reduce dependence on fossil fuels, increase reliable energy supply to prevent blackouts and create a more affordable Chilean energy infrastructure.

Evergen’s optimisation represents more than a real-world cost saving, but also a meaningful and active contribution to the global community, by providing increased stabilisation and clean energy to the Chilean energy grid. Australia is a leader in sustainability advancements and implementing advanced Australian technology in Chile shows international cooperation towards global environmental advancement.

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About Evergen

Evergen provides software platforms that enables digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, maximising the benefit from deployment of renewable technologies. These include utility-scale generation and storage assets, C&I sites, homes and businesses with solar and storage, and lots of other devices. Our systems are used by OEMs, installers, electricity retailers, networks, asset owners & operators, and consumers to ensure optimum function of their assets. 

Founded in Australia, Evergen is now involved in projects all around the world and is supported by shareholders including FRV-X, Providence Climate Capital, AMP, Artesian Capital Management, and CSIRO Energy.

Evergen’s mission is to accelerate the retirement of coal fired power stations and decarbonise the energy system by powering the transition to a resilient, renewable energy system. 

For more information, visit https://evergen.energy/.

About Ciudad Luz

Leading Distributed Energy Company in Chile, Ciudad Luz Participates in Residential and C&I Markets, with more than 30MW of assets under management. The company provides sound business models to its clients designed to reduce financial barriers, generate savings and to promote access to solar.

Founded in Chile in 2014, the company has also been present in Colombia since 2019 and is currently developing its first project in Paraguay. 

For more information, visit Ciudad Luz.