Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS)

Evergen is the digital layer connecting and orchestrating distributed fleets of batteries to support smart electricity demand and consumption.

What is a Home Energy Management System?

Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS) are gaining popularity around the world, helping accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Evergen’s HEMS platform supports households to better manage electricity demand and consumption, and optimise the benefits of their solar and battery investment. 

How Evergen HEMS works

When a home battery is connected to Evergen’s Intelligent Control optimisation software, it can be enrolled into a HEMS program. Using pricing data, weather-sensitive prediction of solar generation and site load prediction as inputs, our Intelligent Control will manage the home battery and other appliances to minimise the cost of drawing energy from the grid and stabilise the network. For example, we can control when appliances operate (like hot water systems and air conditioning), and set up efficient, scheduled running times. 

Existing market capability and experience

Evergen has provided VPP, DER and HEMS services to leading Network Operators, Energy Retailers, and homebuilders and developers.

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