Boost sales and stand out

Increase sales and stand out from the competition by offering homeowners improved paybacks on their solar and battery investments.

Your customers will benefit from our smart optimisation software, which improves solar and battery performance to provide greater savings and energy security. That’s a big incentive for customers to choose you. And with improved asset returns, you can make higher margin sales.

How we help

Sell more batteries with greater payback.

Provide first line of customer support.

Stay on top of device malfunctions, such as batteries going offline, improving customer engagement and asset ROI.

The tools

Monitor solar and battery systems from a single screen.

Partner Portal for ease of commissioning systems.

White label app and portal for customers.

Quoting made easier

No extra hardware

We are cloud native and don’t require any extra hardware to be installed to make your customers’ battery systems perform smarter.

We use server-to-server integrations to seamlessly connect to this list of our battery and inverter partners, meaning that your customers can choose the system they want with the peace of mind that it’s going to increase their ROI.

How it works

Our intelligent site optimisation algorithms help automate the charge and discharge of a battery for tariff optimisation (time-of-use, wholesale and peak demand).

How your customers could benefit

Our optimisation software is free for the life of their system.

Annual savings on average an additional 26.4%*.

Access to VPPs and opportunities to sell excess energy back to the grid for more ROI.

System monitoring via the Evergen app and web portal.

24/7 system optimisation.

Customer support (live chat / phone / knowledge base).

*26.4% on average saving is indicative only and can vary depending on the country, state/province, energy retailer, tariff type, system size, solar shading, home usage patterns and a variety of other factors. Due to the complexity of the energy market and the optimisation software of solar battery systems, Evergen does not guarantee or warrant systems performance or savings.