Over-50s resort living leads the future of renewable energy

A new Evergen partnership will bring the best of current energy tech to GemLife’s residents


Sydney, Australia – 15 March 2023Evergen, a leading software platform for digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, announced today its partnership with GemLife, a Queensland-based property developer specialising in lifestyle resorts for the over 50’s.

Evergen will serve as the overarching Energy Management System (EMS) for GemLife’s current and future over-50s communities, eventually encompassing more than 5500 systems across 25 sites in coastal and mountainous areas in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. The portfolio of residential homes and common areas will be run as a virtual power plant, with Evergen taking and displaying telemetry from all residential PV systems and optimising the C&I-scale batteries at each site.

The partnership will increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and emissions, and provide overall cost savings for GemLife’s residents.

“This partnership unlocks a new era for us on our path to carbon neutrality,” said Mark Langdon, Director of Sustainability, Renewables and Energy at GemLife. “It represents very real-world savings, both financially and in terms of carbon emissions. Now that we will have a completely integrated and optimised network of assets, we can make the most of our investment in onsite renewable energy. That’s only been possible with Evergen’s clever tech behind the scenes.”

That clever Evergen tech is AI-driven and is capable of predicting the demand for energy use at GemLife resorts, as well as the output predictions from roof-top solar by taking into consideration weather conditions and past performance. It also manages the optimal time to charge and discharge the commercial-scale batteries at each GemLife resort, maximising the effectiveness of these assets.

This optimisation practically saves on energy costs by reducing GemLife homeowners’ dependence on off-site generators, increases the local stability of the grid, and provides better access to stored energy during peak times. Eligible batteries will also be able to participate in selling excess energy to the market, increasing the amount of renewable energy available to the local area.

“We believe that when investing in renewable energy solutions such as battery storage, it is critical to ensure assets are used efficiently, managed, and optimised in a way that maximises the value of the asset,” said Ben Hutt, CEO and Managing Director of Evergen. “Our innovative partnership with GemLife will make sure that homeowners get the absolute most out of their community’s renewable investments.”

Evergen provides software platforms that optimise the energy supply chain, enabling the most efficient use of stored renewable energy. The company’s mission is to accelerate the retirement of coal-fired power stations and decarbonise the energy system.

GemLife homeowners will start to experience these benefits as the integration is rolled out over the coming months.


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Evergen provides software platforms that enables digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, maximising the benefit from deployment of renewable technologies. These include utility-scale generation and storage assets, C&I sites, homes and businesses with solar and storage, and lots of other devices. Our systems are used by OEMs, installers, electricity retailers, networks, asset owners & operators, and consumers to ensure optimum function of their assets. Founded in Australia, Evergen is now involved in projects all around the world and is supported by shareholders including FRV-X, AMP, Artesian Capital Management, and CSIRO Energy.

Evergen’s mission is to accelerate the retirement of coal-fired power stations and decarbonise the energy system by powering the transition to a resilient, renewable energy system.

For more information, visit https://evergen.energy/.


GemLife is an innovative developer of premium over-50s lifestyle resorts, creating vibrant communities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria that reflect the rapidly evolving demands of Australia’s over-50s.

With a focus on high-quality, active and engaged living, GemLife delivers first-class recreational and leisure facilities, through its award-winning country club concept, together with meticulously designed, modern, stylish homes.  With a firm commitment to sustainability and sustainable development practices, GemLife is one of the country’s fastest growing over-50s developers.

For more information, visit https://www.gemlife.com.au/