Sharing Energy partners with Evergen and Sassor to understand effective management for distributed energy generation

SYDNEY, Australia – 25th January 2023: Sharing Energy Co., Ltd., a provider of the third-party ownership service for PV systems, “Share Denki”, has formed a partnership with Evergen Pty Ltd, and Sassor Inc to conduct a study on commercialisation and technical verification of energy management across distributed energy resources owned by Sharing Energy.

Sharing Energy has participated in the “Demonstration Project for Further Utilisation of Distributed Energy Resources“, sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Sharing Energy has been providing a package of Share Denki and Tesla Powerwall, and has been conducting a pilot project to expand its aggregation business.

Evergen, selected for their experience in designing and running Virtual Power Plants, provides alerting, monitoring, fleet management, manual dispatch, reporting, site optimisation and external API’s via the Evergen Platform. Through the use of Sassor’s RA (resource aggregator) system and ENES, and Evergen’s control API, Sharing Energy will integrate and remotely control the Tesla Powerwalls and report on the benefits of commercialising aggregation services such as demand response and Virtual Power Plants.

“With ongoing power and fuel shortages both locally and abroad, Sharing Energy is excited to embrace the learnings and expertise of companies like Evergen and Sassor to understand how to best commercialise the growing adoption of distributed energy resources,” Kazuyuki Uemura, CEO, Sharing Energy. “We are confident that this pilot project will demonstrate the potential of community-based renewable energy and pave the way for the widespread adoption of similar projects in the future.”

As the world aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 as part of the Paris Agreement, there are high expectations for aggregation businesses that utilise energy resources (distributed power sources) to maintain the balance between the supply and demand of electricity. By 2030 Japan aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 46% with renewable power set to account for 36-38% of the country’s energy generation compared to 2013.

“We believe this partnership with Sharing Energy and Tesla is a good opportunity to demonstrate Australian technical excellence in the Japanese context, and represents a step forward in our mission to bring clean and sustainable energy to global communities,” Ben Hutt, CEO and Managing Director, Evergen. “We can bring a lot to Japan’s unique combination of high energy prices, advanced technology, government support, ambitious targets to increase renewable energy and the management of DER”.

Through this pilot project, Sharing Energy, Evergen, and Sassor will accelerate efforts to verify technologies to commercialise the remote control of household storage batteries and work towards contributing to international energy objectives.

By increasing the number and variety of energy resources to be integrated and controlled, Evergen, Sassor and Sharing Energy will contribute to achieving both a stable supply of electricity and carbon neutrality.


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About Evergen

Evergen provides software platforms that enable digital optimisation of the energy supply chain, maximising the benefit from deployment of renewable technologies. These include utility-scale generation and storage assets, C&I sites, homes and businesses with solar and storage, and many other devices. Our systems are used by OEMs, installers, electricity retailers, networks, asset owners & operators, and consumers to ensure optimum function of their assets. Founded in Australia, Evergen is now involved in projects all around the world and is supported by shareholders including FRV-X, AMP, Artesian Capital Management, and CSIRO Energy.

Evergen’s mission is to accelerate the retirement of coal fired power stations and decarbonise the energy system by powering the transition to a resilient, renewable energy system. 

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About Sharing Energy

With the mission of “Transform the energy system through the creation of DERs,” Sharing Energy provides distributed energy resources such as “Share Denki”, which is a leading PPA service for residential customers in Japan and develops energy management services.

Sharing Energy will contribute to realize a sustainable society by promoting the self-consumption and local production and consumption of renewable energy.

Company Name: Sharing Energy Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 9F, Kintetsu Ginza Chuo-dori Bldg.II, 1-7-11 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Established: January, 2018
CEO: Kazuyuki Uemura