Site Optimisation

Our software predicts solar generation and household electricity consumption at each individual site using both weather forecasts and historical profiles, to optimise battery operation and reduce costs.

Make the most of your trading opportunities

Our site optimisation intelligent algorithms help you automate and orchestrate when your fleet of batteries charges and discharges. In doing so, fleets of devices can be used to deliver a range of valuable grid services, from price arbitrage, to local network support, to market ancillary services, all while satisfying the needs of the end user battery owners. Our forecasting and data handling pipelines work with Evergen’s fleet management platform to deliver aggregated fleet-level operational data and forecasts for virtual power plant operators, providing visibility and improved certainty for optimising your fleet for minimum cost and maximum return.

Energy intelligence

Energy intelligence to make important operational and financial decisions around fleet optimisation.


Greater control and flexibility around the movement of energy.


Peace of mind that our engineers are optimising your fleet 24/7.

Cost saving

Provides the best chance for energy arbitrage that will produce optimal cost reductions and returns.