Our system uses solar, battery and intelligence – developed by CSIRO – to help you manage how you generate, store and use energy.

In fact by adding this intelligent energy management into the mix, you will get an additional 20% savings on the energy you generate than from standard solar and battery systems.

But how does this technology help you save?

It might be the obvious one, but capitalising on the energy your roof is generating is the primary way that any solar system will help you save.

Why? Because it allows you to reduce the amount of electricity you need from the grid.

Our system is always watching your back. In the instant it realises you won’t be generating enough energy to get you through your peak energy periods (using learnings from over 40 data points, internal and external to your home), it will use the battery to store off-peak energy (at a cheaper tariff rate) in your battery. It will only draw enough from the grid to bridge the gap between your home’s energy demands and the energy you are generating from the solar.

The system will also be able to determine when you will generate a surplus of energy.

That is when your home’s demand is going to be lower than the amount of energy you are producing.

In those situations, it will run your home on solar-generated energy, store enough in the battery to meet your home’s energy demands through the evening and send any additional energy generated back into the grid.

As the system continues to do this, you will see it offset on your energy bills.

Want to find out more about how our system works? Request a quote today.

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