Just like you want to see from your favourite sporting teams. When you have an Intelligent Home Energy System, you want to see it not just running on the field – you want to see them playing their best game of the season.

The active management that comes as part of your system and takes you system from a standard performance to a whole new level of functioning and saving in no time.

What is active management?

Active management is made up of both people and additional intelligent technology. Think of it as both your coach and your team.

Like a coach, it’s not only running in the background – watching, learning and making decisions about your system and how it’s functioning. It’s also the technology that takes the field to implement those plans and changes.

The active management is there to help take full performance responsibility and to ensure that you’re getting delivered savings, year after year.

Here’s how the system helps make decisions and rectify issue for you:

  • Tracking your system performance

    The active management continuously monitors how your system is performing.

Why? To maximise the saving from your solar battery system.

For instance, when you first install our system, you will already have your tariff prices set up. But after monitoring for a number months, the system will have learnt enough about your energy usage to help the team identify whether you could be getting even greater savings with a different tariff model. They’ll even put together a report to help you understand this more, if you need it!

  • Daily monitoring

These intelligent energy systems are complex and can be impacted by a whole range of external factors. It’s not just the weather that can impact how your system is generating energy. Your internet connection and your electricity network service also have the ability to impact the performance of your system.

Because of this, the system can experience faults.

But you don’t have to worry about that with the active management. The technology is constantly monitoring the performance of your system and will immediately identify when a fault occurs and take action to fix this.

Imagine not having this! The first time you might find out about a fault without the active management is when you get your electricity bill months down the track. And by then it’s already skyrocketed in price.

  • Upgrading as it happens

CSIRO developed the intelligence that helps manage how your system uses energy in your home. The team of scientists that we work with at CSIRO’s Research Centre in Newcastle are constantly analysing and updating that energy intelligence to make sure the algorithm is up to date with the latest innovations.

The active management not only ensures that your system has those latest updates, but helps CSIRO learn from how your system is functioning so that they can make sure that the updates are valuable to your home.

Are you ready to take back control on your home’s energy? Request a quote today.

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