Maybe you’re an environmentalist at heart or are a little on the fence about the whole “climate change” argument. Either way, it’s important to have some awareness of your impact on the environment.

Maybe for you it’s focusing on recycling in your home or changing your appliances. But whatever it is, every little decision we make in our home to change our behaviours and take the environment into account will help!

Here are seven things that we can do right away:

1. Don’t buy anything new until the old one breaks

In the 21st century, many of us want the latest technology and the most in-season items. But this isn’t helping the environment one bit.

Not only do these “fast-fashion” items like clothing take years to break down, but regular updates to our appliances and clothes are causing more waste.

By cutting down on your upgrades, you’ll reduce demand for materials, their transportation around the planet and the pollution when they go to landfill.

2. How much do you need your dishwasher?

Could you avoid using your dishwasher as regularly as you do? Maybe you’re already using renewables like solar (with a system like ours) to run your home and therefore your appliances. 

But if you’re not, try cutting down the use of dishwashers. They use a lot of energy and have a fair amount of water wastage.

If you’re going to use them, make sure you’re running a full load to maximise the use.

3. Plant a garden

Not only will you make your front and back yard look spectacular – who doesn’t love it when flowers are in bloom?

Creating a garden also have some big environmental knock-on effects. Gardens encourage bees to pollinate, increases root systems to strengthen the stability of the ground in that area and helps to filter chemicals and bacteria from the water in the ground.

Plus, if you opt for a fruit and vege garden, you’ll be reducing your car trips up to your local shop for dinner!=

4. Switch your car for public transport

For some people, this isn’t easy. But if you’re in a city location or close to public transport options, try and switch out your car for those options. Getting the bus, train, cycling or walking are great for squeezing in some incidental exercise and to reduce your car use during the week.

5. Switch off bedtime

Make it a habit of switching off your electronics before you shut down for the night. Make sure your lights, fans, heaters and other devices that could be drawing power are switched off.

6. Use renewable resources

We’ve already mentioned it earlier, but investing in renewable resources in your home will not only severely reduce the impact of your home on the environment, but it will help you cut costs.

Investing in an Intelligent Home Energy System will drastically reduce your home’s reliance on the grid and, in turn, the coal and diesel fuel sources that are largely powering our cities.

7. Persuade your neighbours to do the same.

Whether it’s exercise or eating healthy, it’s always easier to get motivated if the people around you are joining in. It’s the same with being environmentally conscious. Why not start a community compost bin or garden?

Making moves together will have an even greater impact, so make sure you get involved.

Take the first steps toward doing your bit for the environment today. Request a quote.

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