We see microgrids as being a future aspect of the national energy network. Where a small group of interconnected homes are interlinked and work together to power the homes, schools or buildings within that area – can operate within the confines of the national, centralised grid or operate independently from that network.

As more people within communities across Australia turn towards renewable energy, our ability to create these microgrids, and move to a more decentralised energy model in only going to increase.

The Pilbara town of Onslow in Western Australia is set to become Australia’s largest energy microgrid. The town was recently awarded major renewable-focused infrastructure contracts which will assist the town as it moved into the next phase of energy distribution.

While the initial part of the project includes a new gas-fired power station (which is near completion). This will be the springboard for the next phase which will include the development of a large solar farm and battery storage system.

This solar farm has been designed to harness solar energy – which will in turn save money spent on fuel and maintenance at the power station. The battery storage will be used to optimise the use of renewable energy that is being generated throughout the town. This phase is expected to be completed by the first half of 2019.

Horizon Power, the company who were given the contract for this project, Managing Director Frank Tudor said; “this is demonstrating our capacity to deliver the safe and reliable integration of renewable energy into our existing systems throughout regional and remote Western Australia.”

“Together with these central energy assets, we’re also developing technology and infrastructure platforms to ultimately enable our customers to easily and efficiently connect, generate, store and sell their own electricity.”

This project will be a great case for the future of our national energy network and an example of other towns and communities looking to power their homes in renewable, decentralised manner.

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