In Australia, we have a long history of work based in developing and testing of Solar Photovoltaic (PV). The University of New South Wales had taken a lead in the space.

Recently, the University’s institute – the Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics – and more specifically it’s Director, professor Martin Green, were acknowledged for the work they have done.

The Guardian reported that Green was selected from 44 contenders across 14 countries to be awarded a share in $820,000 prize with Russian Scientist Sergey Alekseenko, an expert in thermal power engineering.

What was Green honoured for? Revolutionising the efficiency and cost of solar photovoltaics and making it the lowest-cost option for bulk electricity supply. His work dates back to 1989 when his team developed and supplied a solar cell which was part of the first PV system with an energy conversion efficiency of 20%. They have only helped make them more efficient since then.

While Green was the recipient of this prize he noted that Tesla’s Elon Musk would have been his pick, for the work Musk had done getting electric vehicles on the agenda.

For us though, we want to thank Green and the team of researches he works with at the University for driving the enormous reduction in costs in solar PV. From working on supply chain technology, to simplify the process and in establishing manufacturing centres in Asia.

This is why we have affordability of solar panels today.

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