Think about it: when does your household use the most energy?

Here’s a hint: it’s probably just after you finish dinner, the dishwasher has started and you’ve settled in for a night of TV.

What are peak and off-peak times?

But what does this mean?

Let’s talk about peak tariffs first. During those periods when Australian energy networks are under the biggest strain – meaning that most Australian households have a high demand – energy prices are higher.

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The Australian government’s Your Energy Savings website defines peak times as 2pm – 8pm during the week with shoulder rates charged between the times of 10pm 7am-2pm and 8pm-10pm. On the weekends shoulder rates or off-peak tariffs apply. All other times are classified as off-peak periods.

As an incentive and a way to take some of the pressure off the country’s energy supply, companies often offer a cheaper rate during those off-peak, low demand period.

By being switched-on to these peak and off-peak periods, you can have a big impact on how much you save on your next bill.

Our tip for beating peak tariff times

…change your usage habits.

Making simple changes to your usage patterns can have a massive impact on the cost of your energy. Something as simple as changing the time your hot water tank heats up or when you press start on the dishwasher could save approximately 40 cents per kWh. So next time you go to put on a load of washing, stop and think about whether putting it on a couple of hours later might actually be cheaper for you.

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Did you know that by using the Evergen app, you can track when you’re using the most energy and that helps guide your decisions and those the system makes for you. It will give you a breakdown of tariff prices during a 24 hour period. It will even go as far as to use the learnings from your home to capitalise on power stored in the battery during peak periods. This way if you do require energy from the grid, it will be drawn during the cheapest rate periods.

While it still helps to get smarter about how you are using energy in the home, you don’t need to work too hard because the system does all the thinking for you.

To find out more about our system and the app head here.

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