Not only is it a thriving destination for honeymooners, adventurers and surfers alike, this picturesque holiday destination is setting the benchmark for powering a country with renewable energy.

In 2015, Costa Rica managed 299 days where 100% of its electricity was generated from renewable energy sources. In 2016, the country managed to do this for 271 days. Last year the country broke its own record tallying 300 consecutive days running on renewable energy.

That’s only two months short of a whole year!

How did they do this? Using a mix of hydro, wind, geothermal, biomass and solar energy. This reliance on renewable energy is part of the government’s plan to be a carbon neutral country by 2021. Which they are well on their way to achieving.

In 2018, they’ve set out to turn the country into a world champion of recycling. Their sights were set on beating the Guinness World Record for Recycling, with the campaign running during the 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. With more beverages consumed from plastics, aluminium and glass during this period, it was a great way to increase awareness!

In order to achieve the record, Costa Ricans needed to have collected 25 tonnes of recyclable items in 8 hours to beat the current record. While they collected an impressive 12 tonnes, they just feel short of their goal. But this isn’t stopping them!

For such a small country, Costa Rica proves that going coal-free isn’t impossible. It’s definitely setting the benchmark for other countries when it comes to a commitment to sustainability and clean energy.

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