In the cooler months we’re all about hot chocolates, bed socks and cosying up on the lounge with a good book. Not so much about spending time trying to get your clothes dry.

If the sun’s out and there is a nice (chilly) breeze, you might be lucky to get your weekly wash dry. But with more frequently damp and rainy days, you laundry can often spill onto every surface in your home, in an attempt to get your clothes dry.

On days like these, the temptation to use your clothes dryer is very high.

This would be a simple and easy solution to the washing explosion that has now arrived in your living room and kitchen. But there are more effective, less energy-drawing ways for you to get your washing dry.

Do smaller loads

In an attempt to reduce the need for your whole home to become the laundry, there is a simple change you could make – do smaller loads. This way you are reducing the number of items that require drying at once.

This will help you contain the spread of damp clothes hanging in your home and reduce the temptation to just throw them in the dryer.

Use the heater

If you’re home and feeling chilly, you probably already have some form of heating on. Take advantage of the already running heating to dry your clothes. Why would you turn on the dryer when you could set up your clothes rack in front of or below your air conditioning unit or small heater? (Don’t forget – keep them at a safe distance)

Did you know that you can even purchase heated clothing racks? These are so handy if you need to get a small load to dry quickly. And if you’re not using the heating, this is a much more economical in terms of energy use than the dryer.

Make the most of the sun

If it’s a sunny winter’s day then you know where you want to be – outside. Let your loads of washing reap the drying benefits. It’s free, and if your clothes rack in the perfect spot you might be lucky enough to get a couple of hours worth of clothes drying time.

Just remember to bring them in before night sets in so that they don’t get damp!

Really…make the most of the sun

We hate to harp on about it (we don’t really) but solar is a great solution to your washing woes. Why? Because if you’re sourcing energy from the solar panels, you won’t need to worry about the cost of running your clothes dryer!

Are you ready to start using your clothes dryer guilt-free? Request a quote to have our Intelligent Home Energy System installed in your home.

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