This isn’t something new to us at Evergen. In fact, our CEO, Emlyn Keane recently wrote about exactly how home energy generation and battery storage could help ease pressure on the grid and save customers money.

Data showed that in 2017 there were 1340 MW of solar PV installed in Australia. With that number only expected to rise this year – the opportunities to capitalise on these distributed energy source are there.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has recently launched a major initiative to look into this.

ARENA will focus on targeting Distributed Energy Resources (DER) made up of an array of decentralised, consumer-owned small scale energy technologies in both homes and business. This will include rooftop solar, home batteries, smart appliances, smart thermostats and charging points for electric vehicles.

Industry forecasts that by 2050, 45 percent of all electricity generated in Australia will be generated by DER.

Currently, there is just 3% of energy generation attributed to this.

This initiative from ARENA will be in collaboration with peak bodies and market authorities like Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), Australia Energy Market Commission (AEMC), Australian Energy Regulator, Clean Energy Regulator, Energy Consumers Australia, Clean Energy Council, Australian Energy Council, Energy Networks Australia, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

What a positive start to the preparation and planning of frameworks and infrastructures, as we move to DER future in Australia.

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