Right now, we are at a 40 year high for the renewable energy power share in Australia.

A recently released report from the Green Energy Market showed that solar, wind and hydro account for more than 21% of all electricity that was generated in 2018. While coal still makes up for a large percentage (71%) of the electricity generated in 2018.

The boom in rooftop solar installations and the growth of large-scale solar farms is what is driving this growth.

Clean energy generation had continued to rise since the early 2000s, where it made up 8.5%, to 17% in 2017. Now it’s accounting for one-fifth of the country’s energy use.

According to the Green Energy Markets, 2018 was a record breaking year for the solar power industry. Installations made up 3,775 MW. That’s nearly three times more than the 2017 installation levels.

It’s expected that as we head into 2019 and beyond into 2020, solar generation should add 19 million MWh of power to the National Energy Market (NEM).

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