An interview with Evergen customer John from Kyle Bay, NSW.

John and his wife built a stunning new home in Kyle Bay, south of Sydney over 16 years ago. One of the key installations was their semi commercial air conditioning to ensure reliable temperature control throughout the large home. Although this system proved exceptional in combating the long Aussie summers, it was extremely power hungry. And that’s when John’s research into renewable energy started.

Over the years, John and his wife watched the solar and battery industry evolve.

“A couple of years ago, we crunched the numbers and finally, solar and home batteries made sense.”

Motivated by the savings on offer when installing a solar and battery system, John compared many quotes. It was the Evergen Intelligent Control software that stood out. With Evergen, the paybacks were the shortest and quality assured.

In January 2018, John and his wife installed a full solar and battery system with Evergen Intelligent Control including:

  1. Alpha ESS battery (17.2kWh)
  2. 29 LG 355W solar panels (10.3kW)

Benefits of Evergen Intelligent Control for John

As an accountant and finance guy, John loves spreadsheets. With the Evergen portal, John frequently downloads his property data to analyse their savings.

“It’s just brilliant, I can measure our power usage and savings. It reassures me we have done the right thing everytime.”


  1. With solar, battery and Evergen, John’s electricity bills are now zero, and often in credit by $50 per quarter.
  2. Without solar, battery and Evergen, John’s electricity bills were around $950 per quarter.

Virtual Power Plant participation

Earlier this year, John opted in to participate in the Ausgrid Virtual Power Plant (VPP) trial. Having Evergen Intelligent Control software has enabled this household to opt into programs like this to test the waters on what the future of energy might look like.

“As an Ausgrid and Evergen customer, when I received an invite into the program, I was really curious as to how it would work and what the future of energy would look like. It’s not always sunny so having a way to utilise collective energy is the next step. So it’s kind of another way to utilise our initial investment.”

So far, John and his wife have earnt $ $271.47 by simply trading their energy through a Virtual Power Plant program.

“Given this VPP is only a trial, it’s not really about the extra income, although that’s always a bonus, but how we might become less grid dependent.”

If you are an Ausgrid customer and have a home battery you can find out more here.

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