We’ve talked to many customers over the years about why they wanted to install an Intelligent Home Energy System.

For many, it’s for the savings or the environmental impact. Others like being ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology we use to make our system so efficient. But most often our customers want to take back control of their energy.

As a country, we have some of the highest energy costs around the world. Because of the infrastructure of our national energy network – there isn’t much we can do as individuals in order to reduce the cost of our energy.

In the past, just to make the smallest reduction of your energy bill you had to change how and when you use energy. People have become more savvy about when they switch on the dishwasher or switch off appliances at the wall. Still, this only has a minute impact on the cost of their energy bills.

The solution is our Intelligent Home Energy Management System. Here’s how it can reduce costs and enable you to take back control over your energy spending – with very little time or change required from you:

The system provides a reliable and affordable energy source

If we strip it right back, what you really want when you spend money on your energy is for it to be affordable and reliable. You expect it to work when you need it.

Here’s where the Intelligent Home Energy System shines. You have solar panels to generate renewable and natural energy on your home whenever the sun is out. You have a battery that can store excess energy from your solar when you’re not using it or draw from the grid during cheaper times when you aren’t generating enough energy to power your home. Finally, you have the CSIRO developed intelligence that learns and optimises your energy decisions. This technology works with over 40 data points both internal and external to your home to fully understand how best to store, use, draw and sell energy – to the benefit of you, the individual.

Decisions the system makes are optimised to enable you to spend as much time off grid as possible

Keeping the above in mind, the intelligence algorithm has been developed to help you rely on your renewable energy source as a priority. That means that when it does look to the grid – particularly to draw energy, it’s because the system can see that it’s the best decision for your home.

When your system does use energy from the grid, it will primarily be used during off-peak and shoulder times – not during those high-cost peak times. In the same way, when selling excess solar energy back into the grid.

You’re able to keep track of your energy use

In the past you’ve had to wait for your quarterly bill to know how much energy you’ve used and the full impact of a summer filled with daily air-con use. With our system you’re able to keep track of your energy use and the cost of as you go.

You’re also able to keep track of your estimated reduction in CO2 emissions and your time spent off-grid.

You will have full visibility of how your home is using energy – and next time you get “bill-shock” it will be because of how much you’ve saved.

You have peace of mind

Finally, an Intelligent Energy System gives you peace of mind when looking at your energy future and where you fit with the wider energy market.

As we continue to see greater uptake of these systems in Australia, we’re going to see energy providers and the Government innovate to keep up. That means that you’re already ahead by installing an Intelligent Energy System now.

It’s time for you to step out on your own and rest easy knowing that you’re in control of how you’re using energy in your home – without the stress of how much it’s going to cost.

Are you ready to take back control of your energy? Request a system design from our team today.

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