We’ve all become more aware how to be more sustainable and efficient – by using renewable energy resources. It’s not just in homes across the country, that we’re seeing an uptake with solar power, it’s benefitting all facets of our community.

Australian schools have stepped into the spotlight and are kick-starting 2019 as part of the renewable energy revolution.

Solar technology as a standalone – without battery and intelligence added, has a strong application in the classroom. Unlike the home, where energy demand is at its highest during the mornings and evenings when people arrive home from work, for schools, the peak demand period is during the day – when solar production is also producing at its highest rate.

Because of this we are seeing new innovative initiatives and thinking by both business and government to help harness the technology.

As part of the Northern Territory Government’s aim to develop a power system that relies on more solar and less gas, they have embarked on a $5 million project to put solar PV in 25 schools across the Territory.

This is an exciting project and is expected to save as much as 40% on up to 25 schools’ energy costs across the Territory.

The project planning has already started with 8 schools set to have solar PV systems installed by the end of the 2018/19 financial year.

Each of the schools have been selected based on their energy consumption, with those high users prioritised in the project.

We are also seeing the launch of innovative businesses like HIVVE which is a Sydney based startup supplying solar powered portable classrooms to schools.

One of their systems has helped take one Brisbane-based classroom completely off-grid since installed in June 2018.

With more initiatives like this in the future, Australia’s energy future is bright.

Join the Renewable Energy Revolution in 2019. Organise a system design with us today.

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