Image: Fraser Property Australia

Are ‘living buildings’ going to replace the concrete jungles we are used to seeing in cities around the world?

As a society, we are becoming more aware of working towards a sustainable and renewable future. Now, this thinking is beginning to translate into our architectural planning.

Melbourne is set to be the trend-setter on a global scale as plans for a sustainable community hub gets the go ahead. The new development, which is set for completion in 2019, will feature a renewable energy-powered shopping centre, an urban rooftop farm and 700 eco-friendly homes. It will be located 14 km east of the Melbourne city centre at the Burwood Brickworks site.

Pictured above, the building will be coated with lush plants and trees, and surrounded by 2.5 hectares of parkland.

The developers of this exciting new project, Frasers Property have stated that they want to build an environment that is “regenerative rather than degenerative”.

“If you look at the population that we’re serving, they’re going to want to be in places that are beautiful, unique, less harmful, and hopefully actually improving the environment.” said Frasers Property’s Peri Macdonald.

Looking at developing your own sustainable living building? You will need to meet a 105% in-house energy generation requirements. You will also need to use sustainable, locally sourced materials – 99% of that construction waste will also need to be re-purposed and diverted to water systems. And you will need to be able to capture, treat and reuse rain and waste-water.

Developing a living building sound like a little too much? You can make changes to your own home to make it more sustainable.

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