An interview with Ryan Wood, Partner Development Manager, and Ben Hutt, CEO and Managing Director at Evergen.

Ryan: Thanks for joining us, Ben. We’re halfway through the year now, so can you tell us, what’s Evergen been up to for the last three months?

Ben: Thanks Ryan. Great to be here. And, wow, what a few months it’s been. Heaps of stuff going on. I mean, we’re seeing in our role, we’ve been collaborating very closely with the regulators. Obviously, there’s lots of rule changes coming, things like five-minute settlement, changes to the efficacy rules. So we’ve been contributing to the work that AEMC, the ESB and the AMC has been doing around that, which is great. In the future, everything may eventually look good for batteries, which is good. Equally, we partner very closely with lots of people selling residential batteries around the country now. And we’re working closely with the networks to make those batteries useful and then start value stacking those batteries to make them more rewarding for the homeowners. And the feedback we’re getting from our partners at the moment is great. So, that’s good.

And I think, I mean, in terms of fleet growth, like in the first four months of this year, we added more than 2,000 batteries that we didn’t touch, which is great. So, partners really are kind of selling and installing more batteries in homes than ever before, which is, I think, really good for the system, and obviously good for the communities around batteries. I think one of the other interesting things this year is that we’re seeing a massive increase in commercial solar companies come to us and start exploring how they can add big batteries to solar on shopping centers or solar on commercial premises or solar in offices. Batteries are kind of now, seemingly, more accepted as a thing, even by those areas that may perhaps thought they weren’t viable 12 months ago. So, I think it’s great. And lots going on.

Ryan: 2,000 batteries. In four months. That’s pretty good.

Ben: It’s pretty good. Yeah.

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