Asset Management

Single pane visibility of all the assets within your fleet. Operators can assess how their assets are performing, forecast and analyse telemetry data to improve operational efficiency.

Visibility of mixed assets

Ensuring optimal visibility of the assets within your fleet. With greater visibility in fleet monitoring, operators can analyse telemetry to better assess how assets are performing and improve operational efficiency. You can be assured our deep integration of APIs with third-party battery and inverter vendors will offer you optimal control of your assets.

How it works

Our software platform displays energy stored in your fleet, either on a map or in a list, letting operators manage assets based on their performance, storage capacity, type of device and other reporting functions. Our AI also alerts operators to device malfunctions, such as batteries going offline, to improve customer engagement and asset ROI. 

Cloud based

Discrete, open, cloud-based platform that integrates with your core systems.


Integrates with APIs from all leading battery and inverter brands for telemetry.

Fleet monitoring

Monitor, control and access performance information on your assets/fleet.

Offline optimisation

Optimise ROI on assets that might be offline.