Make the most of your solar and battery

Have peace of mind on your investment, monitor your energy use and optimise your home’s solar and battery. Connecting your system to Evergen’s battery optimisation software makes it easier to maximise your return.


You decide: 

  • What solar and battery system you want  
  • Which retailer you join 
  • Who installs the battery

We’ll help you

Keep your home’s solar and battery system optimised with up-to-the minute data.

Pay back solar and battery investments faster with our machine learning technology.

Save an on average an additional 26.4%* off your electricity bills.

Make the most of your energy through your tariff structure.

Monitor your power consumption

We help you earn more by trading your excess energy on the electricity market. In connection with the grid, you can store and discharge solar power for when it’s needed to provide a cleaner and more reliable electricity system.

Weather Forecast

Will it be sunny or cloudy here later today? What about tomorrow? Uses up-to-the-minute weather forecasts.

= Predicts future solar generation of the system for each home.

Tariff Awareness

How much will power from the grid cost me right now? Will the price go up or down later today? Access tariff information.

= Determines when your stored power will deliver greatest savings to their energy bill.

Consumption Prediction

What day is it? What power is my family likely to need this evening? Constantly assessing historical data.

= Machine learning understands how you use power in your home for different days of the week.

No extra hardware

We are cloud native and don’t require any extra hardware to be installed to make your battery system perform smarter.

We use API to seamlessly connect to this list of our battery and inverter partners, meaning that you can choose the system you want with the peace of mind that it’s going to increase your ROI.

Additional revenue streams

When your battery is connected to Evergen, you will have the option to participate in additional value streams such as Virtual Power Plants (VPP) and flexibility markets.

If you choose to register for a VPP in the future, your battery supports other homes with clean energy during times of high demand, and you are incentivised for participation.

Whether your goal is to enjoy zero-dollar bills or generate an income by trading your home energy on the market, we can help.

*26.4% on average saving is indicative only and can vary depending on the country, state/province, energy retailer, tariff type, system size, solar shading, home usage patterns and a variety of other factors. Due to the complexity of the energy market and the optimisation software of solar battery systems, Evergen does not guarantee or warrant systems performance or savings.