Battery & Inverter Commissioning

Seamless commissioning and onboarding solution for new battery and inverter assets into the Evergen fleet.

Centralise renewable hardware

Designed to make the commissioning and onboarding for new batteries and inverters into the Evergen fleet seamless. Assets that are integrated with Evergen, use our Intelligent Control software to optimises performance. They can then join our fleet or other Virtual Power Plants without additional site hardware.

Our rigorous process for commissioning starts with API documentation, followed by development and testing of response and control commands. Battery and inverter retailers can register their customers’ assets through the Evergen Partner Portal for Intelligent Control software optimisation.

Distributed assets are then part of the Evergen fleet and can also join eligible third-party Virtual Power Plants.

Increase value

Improves the value of battery and inverter assets for both the manufacturer, energy retailer, and consumer.

Centralised projects

Enables energy retailers to operate a centralised DER project with ease.


Compatibility with our energy management software enables battery retailers to apply for mandated government subsidies.

Cost savings

Removes the burden of API integration expense from system management for assets assigned to Evergen.