At Evergen, we are leading the charge as energy disruptors through our cutting edge software.


“When I received an invite into a Virtual Power Plant program from Evergen, I was really curious as to how it would work and what the future of energy would look like. It’s not always sunny so having a way to utilize collective energy is the way of the future. Given this VPP is only a trial, it’s not really about the extra income we can earn, but how we might become less grid dependent and greener as a community.”

John, NSW

“Just having solar and a battery was not enough, the technology around it had to make it work smarter and more efficiently. The fact that Intelligent Control learns my family’s energy consumption behaviours is what’s most important. I have so much trust in the technology that I don’t even look at the app nowadays, my electricity bills tell me it is working.”

Marina, NSW

“I sometimes have a bit of a ‘caveman mentality’ but going totally off grid was too expensive, so having my battery connected to Evergen was good middle ground for me. It allows our consumption to be moderated and optimised. You can’t get the same results from a standalone solar array with battery. You need Evergen’s technology.”

Tim, ACT

“Everytime I look at the app, I feel a sense of self satisfaction that we are saving money. I look at it 3-4 times a day. It’s a talking point with other couples our age that “We’ve got this. Have you got this yet? You should get it. It’s really good. It’s saving us $600 to $700 a quarter. Add that up over 15 years, and it’s tens of thousands.”

Jake, QLD


Our technology speaks for itself but it’s the relationships and outcomes we create for our clients that really moves the the needle in terms of creating a more sustainable future. We’d be happy to arrange for personal introductions for feedback on our products and services on a request basis.


Solar & Battery Installers

“So the market we operate in is brutally competitive, as everyone knows. We’re always looking for a way to make ourselves just that little bit better in terms of what we can offer customers. So far, over 60% of our battery customers signed up for Evergen Intelligent Control when we announced our partnership. And of this number, over a quarter are already participating in an Evergen run Virtual Power Plant. This improves their return on investment immediately.”

Jonathan Fisk, Director, Solaray Energy

“Our customers want to make sure they don’t miss out on joining a Virtual Power Plant and contributing to a connected network of battery storage – which is why they love that all SunStak batteries are installed with Evergen software.”

Michael Brown, Director, SunStak Energy Solutions

“Our partnership with Evergen has been a wonderful experience. They care as much about their customers as we do. Being able to provide our customers with an efficient battery optimisation platform has been a boon to our business. Their user-friendly app enables households to save on power expenses and provides the opportunity to access VPPs. Evergen is a company that we highly recommend to all our customers and to anyone who is looking to optimise their home battery systems.”

Sun Hanson, Director, Brooklyn Trade Services

“The Evergen platform has proven to be interactive, engaging, effective and insightful for our clients. Our partnership with Evergen is well supported by their staff who are always available and approachable for our team’s evolving demands.”

Phoebe Linne, Solar Operations Manager, Harvey Norman Commercial Division Solar