Commercial & Industrial

Large scale solar and batteries are an important part of the energy system of tomorrow. Evergen is the digital layer optimising commercial and industry consumers to save and earn more from their investment.

Connect, optimise, and trade your fleet.

Connect the fleet in the cloud, no-touch, no hardware

Connect to assets, easily and quickly and without the need to revisit the site. Evergen communicates directly with many manufacturer APIs, without the need for any additional hardware onsite.

Evergen Intelligent Control

Intelligent Control optimises commercial and industrial batteries to achieve client objectives. Whether you are looking to reduce or eliminate peak demand charges, reduce costs through tariff arbitrage or trade your energy as part of a larger fleet, Intelligent Control is configured to meet your goals.

Compatible with network and retailer requirements

Evergen systems can support network and energy retailer requirement functions to meet your business objectives.

How can we help you?

We’d welcome your input into the ongoing design of energy management technology for commercial and industry use. Join the list to share your wants and needs around battery optimisation and Virtual Power Plant software.