Evergen and OpenSolar launch new partnership to maximise 3D solar design and smart batteries

SYDNEY, Australia – 18 October 2022: Evergen, a renewable software business, and OpenSolar Inc, the world’s leading solar design and proposal software platform, today announced a partnership that will make it easier for solar and battery installers around the world to visualise customer savings that could be up to 26.4 per cent* greater than standard residential solar and battery designs.

Clean energy professionals using OpenSolar’s free, accurate 3D design tools to create customised proposals will be able to take advantage of the Evergen software, which includes an inbuilt ROI calculator, and will automatically be added to quotes that are generated with Evergen compatible hardware combinations.

OpenSolar offers an end-to-end digital design, sales and management platform equipping solar professionals with the tools they need to grow their businesses, free of charge.

“As the world moves to distributed solar energy, grids are struggling to keep up,” said Andrew Birch, CEO, Opensolar. “Intelligent solar plus storage is the answer. Not only can customers generate and store their own energy, their intelligent systems can optimise when to consume, when to store, and when to sell energy.

“This is the ultimate in energy independence, resilience and financial return, and removes the need for expensive, centralised grids. It’s great to be working with Evergen on this critical change.”

Evergen’s Intelligent Control solution, which will be available through the OpenSolar platform, leverages advanced machine learning to maximise the performance of renewable energy systems. This means consumers may pay back solar and battery investments faster, and potentially enjoy zero-dollar bills or even generate an income by optimising their home energy.

Australian solar installers are able to benefit from this partnership through more battery sales as a result of these improved returns, and Evergen’s cloud-based battery optimisation connects to a multitude of hardware devices from different manufacturers, making it easy for installers to manage an entire fleet of different makes and models of assets from a single platform.

“At Evergen we’re focused on supporting the transition to renewable energy and providing software that enables better outcomes for consumers, installers, battery manufacturers and the energy system as a whole,” said Ben Hutt, CEO and Managing Director, Evergen.

“Together with OpenSolar, we are aligned with our missions to make it easier to provide free access to software that will help solar businesses sell more battery systems that provide faster payback for homeowners.”

Evergen and OpenSolar will be in attendance at the All Energy Conference in Melbourne on 26-27 October 2022. OpenSolar’s stand is: H138.

*Savings are based on a variety of factors including house load, weather, system sizing, energy tariff and the home’s location.


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About Evergen 

Evergen is leading the charge using software to enable decentralised energy systems of the future. Founded in collaboration between AMP Capital and the CSIRO Energy in 2015, Evergen has invested in some of the smartest, curious and most capable minds across the industry. Evergen now works with many retailers and network operators in Australia, in Europe, and Latin America. Evergen’s mission is to kill a coal-fired power station in 10 countries by powering the transition to a resilient, renewable, decentralised energy system of the future.

For more information, visit https://evergen.energy/.

About OpenSolar

OpenSolar launched in 2019 with a mission to scale solar globally by providing installers with innovative software technology and an equally innovative business offering – the world’s first entirely free-to-use design and sales platform. Solar installers can use OpenSolar’s end-to-end platform to manage and grow their businesses all in one place with class-leading solar design accuracy, interactive custom proposals, and a portfolio of fully integrated financing options, products, and services.  Instead of charging a licensing fee, OpenSolar provides its software free of charge and instead derives revenue from its hardware and finance partner affiliates. By using OpenSolar, installers can avoid costly software costs and instead, invest more money into other areas of their businesses, confident they are using the very best design and sales tools available in the market, all for free. OpenSolar is based in Sydney, Australia, with remote offices in the U.S.

For more information, visit www.opensolar.com.