Installer Management

Evergen offers an end to end solutions for solar and battery pipeline management, sales and marketing workflows, installation, compliance and asset automation.

All-in-one solution

We offer end-to-end solutions for solar and battery pipeline management – from sales and marketing workflows, to installation, compliance and asset automation.

Designed to improve sales and operational efficiencies, Installer Management enables Energy Retailers to package, sell and install hardware and retail offerings within a centralised system that can enable the roll out of a DER project.

How it works

Retailers can centralise and manage their entire sales pipeline using accurate and timely workflows and commission work from authorised Evergen installers. 
Managing inventory, supply and customer expectations around installation is very complex, especially with ever-changing factors like site inspections, the weather and contractor scheduling. Our platform automates and quickens sales, scheduling and installation of systems, at scale.

Time saving

Valuable tool for retailers installing a high number of systems in the field; improves sales, battery commissioning and customer satisfaction.

Increase sales

Increase the pace of field installation to enable DER projects.

Asset enhancement

Improve the value of your assets with Evergen optimisation software.


Centralised platform that connects sales teams and leading installers.