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State of Solar & Battery – Industry Report

Glimpse inside the future of household energy across Australia. In November last year we undertook an industry survey of 45,000 households on their opinions around solar, batteries and the future of energy. We received responses from more than 3,000 households from across the country. 

Some key findings include:

  • Perceptions of how local, state and federal government are performing when it comes to renewable energy
  • The likelihood of investing in solar or batteries in the future 
  • Whether they have already invested in solar or batteries
  • Perceptions of VPP (Virtual Power Plants) and Community Batteries
  • And the driving factors behind their solar and battery choices

Who is this report useful for?

Journalists, Marketers, Solar and Battery installers, Energy Retailers, DNSPs and Network Operators, Government and Regulatory bodies and the general public.

Download the State of Solar & Battery – Industry Report

Our survey reveals Australian solar homeowners are ready to take on batteries with an appetite for energy innovation.