Utility scale batteries

Utility Scale batteries support renewable energy generation, storing & trading energy, and firming renewable energy output.

Connect, manage, optimise and trade utility scale batteries.

Renewable smoothing

Store and dispatch energy as needed to smooth out renewable generation inconsistency

Investment Deferral

Defer high-cost upgrades to ageing infrastructure by utilising power supply at distributed locations

Peak Capacity Support

During times of peak capacity, utilise the energy stored in utility scale batteries to reduce the demand on transmission and distribution infrastructure

Ancillary Market Participation

Participate in ancillary markets, such as Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS)

Connect to a fleet in the cloud, no-touch, no hardware.

Aggregate, monitor and control fleets of batteries in the cloud-based Evergen DERMS platform. One dashboard, every asset visible and ready for orchestration.

Connect to assets, easily and quickly and without the need to visit the site. Evergen communicates directly with many manufacturer APIs, without the need for any additional hardware.

With Evergen, organisations can retain the billing relationship with the customer. Evergen’s optimisation algorithms can be augmented to suit specific retail operations.

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