VPP Management

Our Virtual Power Plant management software provides the tools to visualise and analyse a fleet or an individual asset, billing management, acquisition and marketing services.

Connect, orchestrate and trade your fleet

Evergen provides the connection and two-way communication between grid operators, consumers and distributed energy providers, harnessing these systems for improved value for all.

Our platform has an intuitive user interface that allows operators to view data on a whole fleet or individual assets in real time. It also allows operators to access extensive reporting. They can even tap into forecasts and actuals to custom-build their own dashboards and reporting functions.

Evergen’s Virtual Power Plant Management includes customer acquisition and marketing services, customer billing management, incentive payments to customers, VPP marketing to new or existing customers, onboarding and enrolment of customers into VPP.

Real-time monitoring

Flexible dashboards

Granular dispatch control

Configurable reporting and easy-to-use interfaces