If you’re anything like us, then you’re always looking for ways to make your home function more efficiently. Maybe for you it’s about how quickly you can get the dirty laundry clean and back into the correct family member’s drawers. Or maybe you’re looking for ways to make your home energy efficient – to help the environment and your back pocket.

There are plenty of simple and quick changes you can make in your home, and to your habits that will help you achieve energy efficiency.

    1. Switch lights off when you’re not in the room.
    2. Do you really need a second fridge? Even when you have a high energy-star-rated appliance it takes a lot of power to run. So, adding an extra 200L fridge could cost you an extra $220 a year – that’s a cost you don’t need. Use sparingly or get rid of those extra appliances to save.
    3. Switch to LED lighting in your home. Did you know that you could save 80% of the energy being drawn from each globe by doing this?
    4. Don’t leave your appliances on standby. It’s true that standby power doesn’t draw loads of energy at once – but it all adds up. Switching off at the wall means you’re not drawing energy all the time. In fact, it could cost you up to $100 a year. Imagine what you could do with that money back in your pocket!
    5. Would you believe that a cold wash can save you on your electricity bill? Well it does, because of the energy required to heat the water for a warm wash (while machines that heat water internally are far more efficient – it is still an added expense to you). Filling your washing machine before hitting start is important – not only because it means less loads, so less power used, but depending on your machine it means that you’re going to use less water too!
    6. Have a short shower. In the same way that a cold wash saves more energy – because of the cost of heating the water, shorter showers mean less hot water required – and less water for that matter!
    7. Keep your air conditioner no less or more than 8 degrees above (for winter) or below (for summer) the outside temperature. Blasting the aircon might feel nice now, but it’s working hard and drawing a lot of energy to cool or heat your home when you do that.
    8. Own efficient appliances. Did you know that about 33% of a household’s energy consumption is attributed to the appliances used? Make sure you check the energy rating on your appliances – you can review them with Choice.
    9. We don’t think you should take advantage of the sun to only power your home. Use the sun to dry your clothes too. On average, Australians are spending around $130 per year on drying clothes – when you could be using a free resource!
    10. If you’re using your clothes dryer – keep your filters clean. It will be good for both the function of your dryer – and your energy bill.

All these simple changes will help you make your home more efficient.

If you’re ready for a hands-off approach to making your home more efficient – install our Intelligent Home Energy System. It learns from your home’s energy requirements, it generates solar power and manages when the most efficient times to use that energy is.

Our system is here to think for you, so you don’t have to. Become more efficient today. Organise a system design for your home today.

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