Summer is a great time of the year. We are well and truly out of the hibernation-state that occurs during winter. We’re hanging by the pool, having BBQ’s and just generally living our best Aussie summer lives.

But if you’re not a huge fan of summer or like the occasional relief from the heat, then you might struggle. So we’ve got three tips to help keep your home cool this summer (in a more energy-efficient way), to make sure that you can take-five from those scorching summer days.

  • Keep the sun out and the cool in

You might have tried this with your family over the Christmas period without success. But we can guarantee that closing your doors and blinds early in the morning, before the sun heats up, will help keep your home cool.

Depending on the direction that your home is facing, you might find that it is exposed to full on sun for a majority of the day. While that is great if you have solar panels. Your windows also work to attract and absorb the sun’s heat.

Having your blinds down will help block out some of the heat and at the very least help your other cooling strategies work better!

  • Keep your home breezy

Fans are a great way to keep your home cool. You would be surprised how much just keeping the air circulating in your home will cool it down. The best part is that most homes are built with ceiling fan which are affordable to run. And if your home doesn’t you can pick up free-standing fans pretty cheap.

Pro Tip: fill up a spray bottle with icy cold water, lightly spray the water at fan blades for a beautifully cooling mist!

Yes, I know we pretty much just said to keep your windows and doors closed on hot days to keep the cool air in. But remember to be on the look-out for those afternoon breezes that can pick up. If it’s going to be blowing in the right direction to go through your home, open up those windows and doors to let the it through!

  • Be smart with your thermostat

It’s always a great feeling to walk into your home after you’ve been outside on a sweltering summer days. But you’re probably not going to be feeling so great when the next utility bill comes in.

You want to try and keep your thermostat no more than 8 degrees below the outside temperature (so if it’s 30 degrees outside, aim for 22 or 23 degrees inside). The optimal temperature setting for your air conditioner is between 22 to 24 degrees with a low fan.

The cooler the setting the harder your unit has to work to cool your home and the more it costs. So be smart about your settings.

Using a mix of the above tips will definitely help you get the most out of your air conditioner, so make sure you give them all a try!

Take the pressure off when cooling your home this summer. Request a quote for your Intelligent Home Energy System today!

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