CSIRO’s solar heliostat technology will be used for concentrating solar thermal (CST) electricity generation in China.

It’s no surprise that with the swift growth of the solar energy industry, our future engineers and scientists are looking to the industry for inspiration.

CSIRO solar energy expert Dr Greg Wilson told the Herald Sun that the renewable energy boom in Australia opens huge opportunities across the fields of science, engineering and electrical trades for young Australians.

“Students and parents should think about what’s happening in the world right now,” Wilson said.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the annual direct full-time equivalent (FTE) employment in the renewable energy industry was estimated at almost 15,000 in 2016/17. That’s a 33% increase from the previous year. 43% of those jobs were held within the rooftop solar industry.

“There’s big growth around entrepreneurship and building new industry and just considering what the future is going to be like.”

With new battery schemes being launched right across the country, there are huge job opportunities in this space too.

Now, if that doesn’t suggest opportunity and growth for future graduates and trades, then we don’t know what does!

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