By Ryan Wood, Regional Account Manager at Evergen

As we move into a new era of energy supply and consumer consciousness, Evergen are playing a critical role in enabling consumers to participate in Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

You may have been asked by your Network Operator or Energy Retailer to sign up into one of the many VPP trial programs that are running in Australia right now. Network Operators like Ausgrid and Energy Queensland, have all run VPP trials. They are interested in understanding more about consumer behaviour, power generation and consumption versus grid stability. 

But let’s start with the basics.

What is a VPP?

VPPs are formed when a set of decentralised units in a power network are linked and operated by a single, centralised control system. Any decentralised unit that stores, produces or consumes electricity can become a part of a VPP. Sources of energy for a VPP can be derived from power producing units such as solar, wind and battery storage units. When joined together into a VPP, the power and flexibility of the combined assets can be traded collectively. This allows small units to be given access to markets that they would not be able to enter independently. VPPs can react quickly and efficiently when it comes to trading electricity by adjusting plant operations according to price signals from the power exchanges.

Who can participate?

Homeowners can participate in a VPP program if they have solar and battery storage. To find out if you are eligible, register here to find out more. 

What’s in it for me?

“When I received an invite into the program, I was really curious as to how it would work and what the future of energy would look like. It’s not always sunny so having a way to utilise collective energy is the next step. So it’s kind of another way to utilise our initial investment.” Christopher, from Newcastle, NSW

If you opt in to participate in a VPP, here are the benefits.

  1. Make the most of your solar and battery investment by utilising your asset beyond your own needs.
  2. Get additional savings (or earnings) by allowing a retailer or network operator to use some of your stored energy, during time of need. This not only supports the energy system, but saves you much more money than a feed in tariff can provide.
  3. Be part of the greater plan to reduce grid dependency and the environmental benefits that go with that.
  4. Be at the forefront of innovations creating the future of energy.

“It’s not really about the extra income, although that’s always a bonus, but how we might become less grid dependent.” John, from Kyle Bay NSW

How does having Evergen Intelligent Control software allow you to participate in a VPP?

Network Operators like Ausgrid, and several Electricity Retailers are working with Evergen to enable their customers to participate in their VPP initiatives.

Evergen’s Intelligent Control software draws down collective energy from your system for the Network Operators on days when there is grid instability or as requested, for example, when there is higher than normal use of air conditioners etc. 

Interested in finding out more about Evergen VPPs?

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