Image: Hornsdale wind farm

Batteries are the talk of the town. And when it comes to capitalising on any and all renewable energy resources, it’s the way to go. They allow you to take a resource that has historically been unreliable and make it reliable.

But most people’s concern is the investment into what is seen as a fairly new technology. And as with all other technology there is an “if I just wait, it will come down in price” attitude towards these products. This is totally understandable – particularly if financially you feel you cannot afford the outlay for battery technology or a system like ours, at this point in time (We do have a monthly finance option – so reach out to the team if your interested in finding out more.

But if you can, the immediate savings that this technology, coupled with renewable energy source and intelligence can provide, are undeniable. In fact, for the potential price drop of this technology over a two year period, you could be saving double that with the system installed.

And we are already already seeing the financial dividends of this technology in Australia.

Tesla’s massive Powerpack battery project in South Australia cost $66 million and in the first six months of operation has already made $17 million.

This SA power project has also provided the same grid services as a peaker plant (power plants that generally only run when there is a high demand for energy). But the power provided is cheaper, quicker and with zero-emissions.

The Powerpack stores power from Hornsdale wind farm.

I think we’re ruling this project as a success.

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