Deciding whether to install an Intelligent Energy Management System is a big decision. You’re investing financially so it’s wise to obtain as much information as possible.

Here’s a checklist to help you gather all the information you need and answer your questions before ordering your system.

Know the answer to: Why do I want to install this system?

Maybe you’re looking to install one of our systems because you want to save money, reduce your carbon footprint or because you want to take back control on your energy.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to know the answer. Understanding why you are making this decision will help you know what to look for in the system and which questions you need to ask before you have the system installed.

Know the answer to: What type of system do I want to install?

This will change depending on your home, the amount you want to spend and what you want to achieve.

Solar, battery and the Intelligent Energy Management systems all have a cumulative benefit on both the savings for your home and your environmental impact.

For example:

    • Installing solar alone, you will save around 40% on your electricity bill.
    • Installing solar and battery, you will save around 60% on your electricity bill.
    • Installing our Intelligent Home Energy System (solar, battery and CSIRO smarts), you will save around 80% on your electricity bill.

But if it’s control of your energy that you’re looking for, then the Intelligent Home Energy System is what you need. This technology optimises the solar and battery so your home uses energy in the most efficient way. You can even track the progress of this on our app and see your savings, reduced carbon footprint and time spent off-grid.

You will also want to consider the brand of battery and panels you’re looking at installing. Our system for instance comprises of LG Panels, the option of the Alpha ESS or the Tesla Powerwall battery, and the CSIRO developed Intelligence Algorithm.

Know the answer to: Is it saving or payback period that is more important?

Even if it’s not your primary motivator for installing this system – everyone wants to save on their electricity bill.

Before going any further, look at your last bill – or your last years’ worth of bills. Make sure you know when your peak times are for energy use (both seasonally and daily) so that you can get a rough idea of how your home works.

One thing you might consider is that while installing solar alone will have the shortest payback period, over time an Intelligent Energy Management system like ours will save your thousands on your bills.

Then outline a rough estimate of what you would hope to be saving – particularly looking at the payback period on the system you install.

Have you done the research?

We know that our technology is going to help you be the most efficient household you can be. However, it’s important to have a full picture of what’s available and what you need in a system.

Getting a full range of options and prices can help make the decision clearer. We recommend completing a feature list for each of these systems so you can see which one meets your needs (that’s why we asked you to think about that first!).

Remember it’s important to compare like with like. Also keep in mind that while lots of companies say save up to 90%, the reality is most customers don’t reach that. Evergen customers DO save 80% based on all customers and real data, no asterisk, no ‘up to’

To help, we’ve started you off below:

Brand Price Average Customer Savings Solar** Battery** Intelligent Management***
Evergen* $14,800 80%

* (Evergen price base on the Equinox System which includes the intelligent system, a 20kWh Alpha ESS battery, plus 5kWh of solar)

** Evergen Solar panels and batteries have all been tested by CSIRO scientist to ensure we’re using the highest quality and more efficient products for you.

***Evergen Intelligence has been developed by CSIRO, it learns your households usage patterns and forecasts your solar generation

Have you organised an Evergen personalised system design?

We’ve already given you a rough price on our system above but once you can see the full scope of what’s on offer, make sure you get in touch with our team to organise an obligation free system design for your home.

Included in this system design will be:

    • A quote for the system specific to your home
    • An irradiance analysis. Looking at the latitude, roof aspect, weather patterns and shading of your roof – essentially anything that would affect the productivity of the system in your home
    • A proposed system design, developed by our specialist designers
    • A performance simulation of the system in your home to forecast the system’s performance.
    • A savings analysis which provides a complete rundown on your expected return on investment

Now you have the checklist – get ready to find out how an Intelligent Energy Management System will help you.

Got more questions? You can contact our team on [email protected] or organise a system design for your home online.
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