We are proud to work with the brains trust that is CSIRO. They have worked with us from the outset to develop the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithm on which our system runs.

They have also worked beside us in running testing on all the solar panels and battery technology that we use as part of our system, ensuring that we are only using products that deliver the best performance and value for our customers.

But in a recent news, it now looks like Hydrogen energy will be the next renewable for this scientific research agency to take on. They have reportedly unveiled a new blueprint to build the hydrogen energy industry in Australia.

The aim: to establish Australia as the hydrogen leader on a global platform.

As a clean-burning fuel, hydrogen has many applications ranging from energy storage to powering a car. It can serve in multiple markets and facilitate deep decarbonisation of the industrial and energy sector if it is produced through low-emission or clean energy resources.

The blueprint has been developed so that industries and government could build an Australian hydrogen generation and export industry. With the aim to educate investors to facilitate the coordinated growth of the industry.

The chief executive of CSIRO, Dr. Larry Marshall, has stated that Australia has an urgent, unique and lucrative opportunity to take its natural resources (gas and coal, but more importantly it’s renewable resources, like solar and wind) and turn them into low-emission energy products that can be shipped across the world.

And how much is the hydrogen industry forecast to be worth? $1.6 billion by 2025.

We will definitely be watching how this progresses! Read their full report here.

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