By Ryan Wood, Regional Account Manager at Evergen.

Battery storage is quickly gaining popularity in homes in Australia with over 70,000 residential storage solutions installed since 2016 (SunWiz, 2020 Battery Market Report, April 2020). Used in conjunction with solar panels, batteries allow for generated energy to be stored during low use times and then released at peak demand periods – energy for you to use when the sun is not shining or sell back to the grid. 

The key benefits of solar and battery system for homeowners include:

  1. Save even more from your solar generation
  2. Store excess energy generated by your solar panels
  3. Use your solar energy even when the sun goes down
  4. Keep the power on even during a blackout with backup power

When your solar and battery is installed with Evergen Intelligent Control software, it is optimised to save homeowners an additional 26.4% off their electricity bills.

Everyone wants to know how battery storage can make homeowners extra money? 

Any energy produced by your solar panels that is not needed to power your home or charge the batteries can be exported (or sold) to the grid. Your electricity retailer will be able to provide you with the specific fee that you receive for grid exports, known as your Feed-in Tariff.

There are also Virtual Power Plants (VPPs).

Many homeowners are opting into VPPs run by their Network Operators. A VPP is formed when a set of de-centralised batteries are linked and operated by a single, centralised control system. This allows the Network Operators the ability to explore how VPP’s can enable the grid to be managed more flexibly. If you have a battery optimised by Evergen’s Intelligent Control software, you can opt into a VPP.  Once you opt-in, your network operators or energy retailer will send signals, known as dispatches, to customers’ batteries via Evergen’s Intelligent Control software which will allow them to trial and investigate the different ways the VPP interacts with the grid. Those signals request the batteries export stored energy back into the grid when needed. With your permission, Evergen can also adjust your electricity use (like air conditioners or pool pumps). By being part of a VPP, you will be paid by Evergen or your retailer when your excess power is dispatched, save more money, and share excess clean power with the system as a whole. 

If you are an Ausgrid customer and already have a battery, you can find out more about their VPP here.

It is important to understand whether a battery storage solution is right for you. 

In some circumstances, purchasing a battery may not be economical or practical. Your energy use, tariff, lifestyle, the size of your solar panel system, dwelling and what you want from your battery will determine whether battery storage is right for you.

Answer these questions to help you get started: 

  1. How much is your quarterly energy bill? Bills under $400 per quarter generally mean that you don’t use enough energy to warrant a battery solution. 
  2. What type of dwelling do you live in? Do you have clear roof space or land for panels? Keep in mind apartments and units are difficult to install batteries after they have been built. 
  3. What is your budget? And do you hope to cover your costs quickly? 
  4. What is your lifestyle like? Are you only at home in the mornings or evenings or is there someone home at all hours of a day? Are you medium-large consumers of electricity? 

These factors are important when considering a battery. 

If you’d like to know more about what batteries Evergen Intelligent Control software integrates with visit here.


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