Are you looking to install our system? Maybe one of the questions you are asking yourself is ‘how on earth do they calculate my “estimated savings” potential?’

Our customer’s experiences guide a lot of our understanding when it comes to savings. In the last 12 months the average savings for our customers was 80%. With a number of our customers saving 100%+ on their bills – that means they are actually making money back on their energy. But we don’t just estimate off other’s savings, so we thought we would share a full breakdown of how we get your personalised savings estimate.

We analyse your home energy profile

How much energy you use and when you use it is critical to understand as a way to determine your potential savings. We assess key energy profile indicators such as home size, number of occupants and major electrical loads to determine the potential of your homes savings with our system.

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We complete Irradiance analysis

…in other words measuring how much sun your house gets. The more sun that falls on your roof, the more you can benefit from solar power. We use state-of-the-art tools to analyse where your home is located, local weather patterns, shading issues, and the area, orientation and pitch of your roof, to determine how much solar power can potentially be harvested.

We design your ideal solar setup

Every home is different. That’s why we use experts to assess your roof – this is all done online and over the phone using satellite imagery tools. Then we design a layout of solar panels that is optimal for your specific situation. Placement of panels is done to optimise your potential solar intake. They are positioned in areas where they will be most productive, avoiding any areas that may be impacted by shading from nearby trees or other buildings.

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We assess your tariff rate

Your electricity tariff has a huge impact on how much you can save with solar batteries. We look at the tariffs available in your particular location and assess which would work best to drive maximum savings with your system, which gives you a very accurate assessment of potential savings.

Often tariffs with a high peak rate and a low off peak rate work well, as we can use the Energy Intelligence to shift your average grid consumption towards the cheaper off peak rate.

We create a simulation of the system on your home

Once we understand your home’s energy profile, the solar irradiance available on your roof, your solar panel design and tariff rates, we create a model simulation of how your system will perform across an entire year. The results of that simulation provide you with the most accurate estimate available for your potential solar battery savings.

Now that you know how we estimate, let us organise a personalised quote today.

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